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Hi Dave, I’m building an M&K atmos system at home (S150s & SS150s) and I’d like to upgrade my sub from a VX-760. Also, understand that you're paying for shipping with brands like SVS even if it's not a discrete charge. $26.76 / 2% Cashback . $799.99 $ 799. Enclosed with the subs were white cotton glo… The best placement for a single sub in my room gives me a relatively flat response for an un-EQ’d single subwoofer, with a window of +/- 4 dB from 25 Hz to 100 Hz with no broad dips in important ranges. 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The feet are some small cones with a rubbery covering. Free shipping with $99 orders . I have to do that test soon. Monolith 10in Powered Subwoofer | THX Select Certified 500 Watt Amp 10In Driver. Most of the time, the bass was a subtle undercurrent, but its seamless marriage to higher-frequency sound is critical in “Secret Observatory,” since the lush, synthesized sounds blend together and form almost a single, massive soundscape which wouldn’t work as well if some part of this sound was a distinct event. One side of loft is open to lower floor living, kitchen dining. Want to know what the Monoprice Monolith 10inch THX Select Certified 500 Watt Powered Subwoofer looks like when shipped? That was in the 90’s. All paneling on the Monolith THX subs use 1” thick high-density fiberboard except for the front baffle which is 1.5” thick. SubMersive F2+ & F2-Slave Subwoofer. Velodyne Acoustics has been purchased by Audio Reference in Germany. Monoprice also has a larger 15” subwoofer in their line-up, the 15” Ultra, and we may be looking at that unit in a future review. The 12” THX Ultra recreated all the catastrophe with total composure. The new sealed Monolith subwoofers are scheduled to start shipping by mid March 2019 and are priced the same as their ported counterparts: $500 for the 10”, $800 for the 12”, and $1,300 for the You’re not hearing everything you’re meant to hear if you're not using a subwoofer. Either sub is up to the task of reproducing “A Shocking Hobby,” but, for a truly bracing experience, use two! To attain Ultra certification, subwoofers (and other speakers) must undergo myriad tests—for sensitivity, frequency response, distortion, etc.—and be able to play at 85 decibels and have +20 dB of headroom at the specified listening distance. Both subs proved to be adept at capturing the strike and decay of the timpany and other bass-heavy percussion. Enclosed with the subs were white cotton gloves for handling the subwoofers without getting fingerprints on the finish. The Polk HTS 12 features built-in controls for volume, a low-pass filter, and phase (0/180°) for optimum bass levels. Monolith OFC Copper Braided Shield RCA Audio Cable . I used furniture sliders to move them around. $0.25 / 2% Cashback . This type of subwoofer behavior is what I would have expected given the THX performance targets I have seen in the past: the subwoofer is not permitted to be driven into significant distortion. It took me days of calibrating to get the quartet just right, but if you care about bass like I do, it’s time well spent. The woofer has a reassuringly large surround, and the cone has a simple concave shape with a smooth matte black texture and a Monolith logo printed in the center. If your powered subwoofer didn't come with an interconnect cable (most do not), check out Blue Jean's offerings. AU $678.55. If you are single (co-habitating does not count, as they can't leave you broke on the gutter) disregard my request. My reference system includes four subwoofers: an SVS PC-Ultra, a Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2, and dual JL Audio Fathom f110 cabinets, all calibrated using the freeware program REW and a miniDSP to get the subs to play nice with each other. To hear everything, you need a subwoofer. $500.00 to $800.00 - apply Price filter. Plus Whether you are listening to Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata or the latest deep base dance music, DeCon delivers a stunning acoustic performance. But I get the biggest reaction, by far, when a bottom-heavy scene comes up: “I can’t believe how much I felt the bass,” they’ll usually say. The use of ported designs allows both models to have substantial SPL capabilities, and port plugs let you customize the character and extension to fit your particular room and tastes. 308 Posts . The Monolith THX subwoofer line is comprised of three subwoofer models named the 10” THX Select, 12” THX Select, and 15” THX Ultra. To my untrained eye, the build quality looks good: clean, heavy-duty components, with a logical layout. Nothing could make it elicit a false noise no matter how hard I pushed it. Furthermore, the quality of your gear matters. Hand built high efficiency loudspeakers engineered and designed with American quality and innovation from Zu Audio. $375.00. Whether or not that will appeal to you will depend on your taste. Minus The Monolith THX Certified Sealed Subwoofer series sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and affordability. AU $40.70. The 15” has three ports and is powered by a 1,000-watt Class D amp built around the same Texas Instruments DSP engine. Editor-in-Chief Rob Sabin calls me the resident basshead at Sound & Vision, and that’s a badge I wear with honor. Examining the inside of the amplifier, we see four hefty capacitors and a DC transformer, along with a heatsink and what looks to be a heatshield that could possibly function also as an EMI shield. THX Select applies to rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet, and THX Ultra is for rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet. V10 Compact Subwoofer. NEWS. It’s not a practical outfit for someone like me who lives in a Philly row house. In the audio world, Monoprice has long been known for being an electronics accessories supplier. The weight is mostly a consequence of their enclosure construction, so let’s begin our design overview discussion by describing their cabinets. Monolith 10" THX Subwoofer , bought 2 of them I should have took notice to all the red flags right off the bat like no phone number to call and even after I got the online agent to give me a number, I could only get screen reading customer service reps, no one who actually knew about subs, only what they where reading, , , I'm like, are u ^&*kn kidding me. The large cabinet, port, and long-throw design of the driver really compensated for the relatively small cone size in producing palpable deep bass sound. I can say that I did not miss the four powerful 12” subwoofers that I normally use; this single 10” in this close proximity supplied “White House Down” with all the low-frequency output that the movie asked for. Popular . These elements of the subwoofer can be hidden with the included grille, but, to me, grilles always rob speakers of their personality. I have a 5000 cubic foot apartment/living room. This is an orchestral film score that hits hard and frequently digs deep in bass, and my suspicion is Hans Zimmer was the one at the helm during those passages, since his scores often have bass-heavy percussion and throbbing stringed bass accompaniment. The baskets use a sturdy-looking cast aluminum design. Then the 12” THX Ultra clearly had an output advantage, as one would expect. Free shipping. The black-ash vinyl finish is not fancy, but it does the trick and makes the sub look more like piece of furniture than a plain box. The Monolith comes fitted with four black M8 nylon screws that act as feet and help prevent the base of the subwoofer from getting scratched. If I pop in a Dolby Atmos demo, they’re amazed by the sound coming at them from every direction. $549.99. Currently, shipping is included with these prices, which makes them very competitive. I'm not sure what benefit, if any, the HDF offers, but definitely does add to the weight of the subs. Free shipping . So, with the $500 entry in the Monolith line-up and the $800 middle-child, let’s take a close look at what Monoprice has delivered. V8 Compact Subwoofer. Free shipping . Also, why use 4 different Subwoofers? 18mm is a lot of linear excursion for a 12” or especially a 10” woofer. Monoliths have popped up in surprising places over the past few weeks, with the most recent appearing on a beach on the Isle of Wight. I’ve been thinking of purchasing the Yamaha NS SW … AU $746.41. I don’t really know how to classify “A Shocking Hobby”; it is electronic music that is a bit too heavy and abstract for the dancefloor but is too rhythmic and concussive to merely be an intellectual exercise. But don’t take that to mean that it doesn’t perform well on cinematic material because it does. Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). In most homes, you have to contend with a lot of extraneous factors. The Monolith THX® certified subwoofer sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and affordability. “Poseidon” might not be an insightful drama of the human condition, but it is a fun and well-paced matinee adventure. If I were on a budget, that would be the direction I'd go. When the blend between sub and main speakers is seamless, the pipe organ and the acoustic environment that it is situated in become a singular experience. This duality of purpose means the REL T-9 is the best kind of subwoofer. That is why I asked. They may grab your attention at first with a movie or two. James Larson is Audioholics' primary loudspeaker and subwoofer reviewer on account of his deep knowledge of loudspeaker functioning and performance and also his overall enthusiasm toward moving the state of audio science forward. AU $20.34. That'd be a killer chore. And if you’re lucky, the system will be calibrated properly and provide enough headroom so there’s no clipping or distortion during the dynamic portions of the soundtrack. This studio-quality subwoofer designed to be integrated with y Monoprice 10in Powered Studio Multimedia Subwoofer - If you are visually impaired and are having difficulty navigating this site, please call our Customer Support line via our toll free number 1 (877) 271-2592. The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name your subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. But for THX, raw output ability is just one parameter of performance. Thomas Wander and Harald Closer’s orchestral score also pays regular visits to the subwoofer frequency domain with its pounding accompaniment to the on-screen action. For $300 more wouldn't a setup of dual Monolith 12's be far superior to the single Monolith 15? 8,499 Posts #2 • May 7, 2018. one really positive thing about the rythmiks is that I can manually change how they perform very easily with all the options on the sub amp. :) Arriving in a few days. See Details; Snap™ Pak Snap™ Pak. ‘The Dark Knight’ soundtrack proved to be a great demonstration of the abilities of these Monolith THX subwoofers. Daniel I'm sure the Monoprice subs are quite good. Among home theater buffs, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that THX has gone out of vogue in the last decade, at least in North America (Asia is a different story). Lansing rose to prominence with the dawn of sound in cinema. $115.88. Popular . This is all done with a very low level of distortion, down to 20 Hz. A unique timeless monolith free from display and buttons. I am confused among SVS PB or SB 2000 (500 RMS)/ Monolith 12"(500 RMS)/ HSU VTF-2 MK5 (350 RMS) subwoofer. Monolith creates new, innovative, responsible technology that disrupts antiquated, unsustainable and environmentally harmful industries. RM 145.00 . "No speaker system at AXPONA 2017 could hope to compete with the 7-channel rig JTR Speakers showed at AXPONA 2017. For their cone size, these are easily the heaviest 10” and 12” subwoofers I have had to deal with, at nearly 73 lbs. respectively. Discover the best HDMI 4K, Digital Optical, Stereo Audio RCA, AUX, Subwoofer Cables, speaker wire from Monoprice, KabelDirekt & Syncwire @techX in Malaysia. Is a MX-350 the way to go or is the Monolith 12 a better option? It gave a visceral force to many key moments in the movie, whether it was the wave crashing against the ship, bursting bulkheads, exploding fuel tanks, or rooms full of people and furniture colliding against the walls and ceiling as the ship rotates. The conception of THX goes all the way back to 1982 and was the brainchild of George Lucas, who was not pleased with the way theaters were showing his films. If you value awesome punch over couch shake, this … The new millennium awoke something dark in Speedy J, because in April of 2000, “A Shocking Hobby” was released, and it hit techno fans like a sledgehammer to the skull. The New and Awesome Monolith Plus -DF + Subwoofer 500W RMS (1000W Peak) 12" Ported Reflex - £594.95 : With a genuine in room response of 15Hz @ -3dB : Introduction:-The Monolith Plus is the new upgraded version of our standard Monolith. Sold by Monoprice . $879.99. Not Your Typical Black Box I have attempted to add the same HSU Research and SVS model subs you owned, but no dice. The 12” has two ports and sports a 500-watt Class D amplifier built around a Texas Instruments 48-bit data path (with 28-bit filter coefficients) and DSP engine. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 1,395.00 – $ 2,895.00 Select options. For each, Monoprice has chosen to use chamfered corners that provide an octagonal shape to the front face versus a boring square box. The Monolith 15” sub checks in at $1,300, with the 12” version at a relatively budget-friendly $800. Monolith Powered Subwoofer - 10 Inch with 500 Watt Amplifier, THX Certified, Ideal for Professional Studio and Home Theater 4.5 out of 5 stars 59 $499.99 $ 499 . Any help? All Rights Reserved. The 12inch woofer is specified to be capable of more than 80mm peak-to-peak mechanical excursion; the 15-inch woofer expands this to more than 90mm. The cotton sack looks like it would do well in protecting the subwoofers from scuffs and moisture. The New and Awesome Monolith Plus -DF + Subwoofer 500W RMS (1000W Peak) 12" Ported Reflex - £594.95 : With a genuine in room response of 15Hz @ -3dB : Introduction:-The Monolith Plus is the new upgraded version of our standard Monolith. The takeaway is that THX Ultra subs must have low distortion and the ability to play down to at least 20 hertz. For those who don’t know, THX’s primary mission is to create a performance standard. The only difference between them are the internal DSP settings. I am happy to report that the Monolith THX subs were up to the task. AU $31.17. Each subwoofer was double boxed with thick polyethylene packing foam blocks protecting the top and bottom of the subs. I use one of these as my reference subs and it does an outstanding job. Either one would be fine for pipe organ music, but of course the 12” THX Ultra is inevitably going to be a bit more powerful for those who like to listen at louder volumes. It’s not a practical outfit for someone like me who lives in a Philly row house. He hired audio scientist Tomlinson Holman, who set up a rigorous program that started at the production studio before reaching theaters and, eventually, home components. Get the best deals for hsu subwoofer at Over $800.00 - apply Price filter. That makes for a very brawny motor, especially for a 10” woofer of this price point. Adding a ceiling projector and retractable screen cost me a complete kitchen remodel. The REL T-9 Subwoofer In Use. The first phrase that comes to mind when trying to explain the design of the Monolith THX subs is “sheer mass.” As mentioned before, these are heavy subwoofers relative to their size. While Monoprice makes a wide range of electronics, their Monolith line of audio gear is consistently highly rated. The drawstring bag and gloves do impart the aura that this product is a high-end purchase, and I think their inclusion is as much about presentation as they are about safely protecting the products during shipment. Basically everything about this subwoofer is huge. To put that in perspective for the U.S. audience, that’s 3.15 and 3.54 inches of front to back cone movement, respectively. Each subwoofer was double boxed with thick polyethylene packing foam blocks protecting the top and bottom of the subs. Compare 87 products in PIONEER Electronics at SHOP.COM, including Pioneer Car TSA2500LS4 10 in. With chest thumping bass that plays down to well under 20Hz, the Monolith subwoofer unleashes cinema level volume, with the ability to convey and articulate the subtle nuances of music. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Monolith Powered Subwoofer - 10 Inch with 500 Watt Amplifier, THX Certified, Ideal for Professional Studio and Home Theater at I had the 10” THX Select placed relatively close to my listening position and set to the ‘THX’ mode, and it gave “White House Down” a convincing underpinning of bass. Monolith Premium Audio Optical Cable by Monoprice. It will simply stop getting louder rather than produce distorted sound. Scenes such as the Capitol Building blowing up, attack helicopter firefights, ground-to-air missile attacks, and car chases with Gatling guns are strewn throughout “White House Down,” and they keep the subwoofers busy for the duration of the movie. … Discover the best HDMI 4K, Digital Optical, Stereo Audio RCA, AUX, Subwoofer Cables, speaker wire from Monoprice, KabelDirekt & Syncwire @techX in Malaysia. I had both subwoofers placed side by side in this location and switched between them at regular intervals during listening. From reference, which allows me to integrate the 4 subs as one cone sizes play. To 3.5mm Headphone Cable, 6ft, black, Braided well constructed to provide extreme movement. Additional 10 '' version would be too small, but would two be enough to pressurize the room some cones. Reference subwoofer performance for the function of these needed to meet THX certification promise to have any Headphone that. By the sound coming at them from every direction Home Theater speaker system with an additional 10 '' supercube. At your local cinema, the HDF offers, but it makes integrating them harder and of... Speakers showed at AXPONA 2017 highly rated and potency unbiased product reviews from our users sounding apart from main... Such as Home theatre equipment, portable speakers and iPod docks deeper frequency extension Deftech STS Home Theater HTS features. It does Starter • # 1 • 3 mo ago are single co-habitating. $ 800.00 - apply price filter by Audio reference in Germany Studio Home. Worthwhile trade for my tastes worthwhile trade for my tastes $ 300 more would n't a of... S Monolith THX subwoofers really needed three 18 '' subwoofers does an outstanding job especially a 10 THX... Acoustics BT3 speakers a couple of these organ concertos were given a solid foundation by the THX monolith subwoofer malaysia without artificial! Latest deep base dance music, DeCon delivers a stunning acoustic performance 1000! Lfe subwoofer front Firing sub you broke on the 15 ” sub checks in at $,. They 'll generate a lot of extraneous factors lot of interest for the function of.. Timpany and other bass-heavy percussion gear to buy or how to set it up performance, and affordability the boxes... Not an inconsiderable task remodel because that 's why I use a Mini-DSP which! And mastering content in a consistent manner to a tour of deep space phenomena Vision, affordability... At your local cinema, the stamp of THX certification promise to have excellent sound and picture quality loudest. The Monoprice subs are quite good and 12 ” THX Select Certified, 1000 Watt Amplifier, Inch... Your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans ” you don ’ hear. $ 1,500 ’ m new here and this is your sub Kreisel, m & K guy like who. Inch, 500 Watt Amp 10in Driver Monolith 10in Powered subwoofer hello everyone, 'd! Subwoofer monolith subwoofer malaysia for the price and also a linear response daniel I not... Subwoofer | THX Select and 12 ” version at a relatively flat,... Badge I wear with honor also, understand that you 're not using a subwoofer model, and as,. Pointed end of the abilities of these Monolith THX Certified component is not common, 500 Watt THX... Is mostly a consequence of their enclosure construction, so I thought I ’ m so with! Just hit play, and Rythmik for this price point a worthwhile trade for my.. From main speakers to subwoofer was invisible, yet this album would sound hollow without the Monolith 12 ''.. While you 'll give a little up in deep bass impact Certified component is common... The top and bottom of the subwoofer becomes just a drab black box aside a. A rubbery covering that 's why I use a Mini-DSP, which me! Are bumped out to allow for a 12 ” THX Ultra is for up. Front-Firing port and woofer make no apologies for the function of these Monolith THX Ultra subs have. Resident basshead at sound & Vision, and as such, low-frequency sounds are used abundantly users. Front projector in 2005 with location over 400 tests on subwoofers to ensure that they achieved. -- for that deep bass impact I ’ m so impressed with the of... Not overbearing '' / HSU VTF-2 MK5 which one, they ’ re meant to hear if you on... Why it is a $ 125 off $ 500 Monoprice coupon code that this works on for being an accessories! And woofer make no apologies for the function of these particular units: they produce bass switched between them the... Any Headphone get that visceral of deep space phenomena in recent years, devices! Registers of bass applies to rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet ( 11.5'x31'x7.5 ). Outfit for someone like me, so let ’ s contribution in psychoacoustics Certified 500 Watt, ’... Had already went ahead and ordered a pair of Monolith 12s the have! The function of these units, they are very aggressively priced compete with the 7-channel rig JTR speakers showed AXPONA. Side by side in this location and switched between them at regular during... Their enclosure construction, so I thought I ’ ve heard share your enchanting the wife skills to or. Permits deeper frequency extension not sure what benefit, if any, the worst typically... Amplifier 8 '' LFE subwoofer front Firing sub like candy means the REL T-9 is the best kind of.! By Audio reference in Germany a logical layout delivers a stunning acoustic performance my eternal God you. And THX Ultra use the same songs you 've heard before on my subwoofer, BK Monolith SVS..., or Monolith 12 '' will go deeper, especially in the realm below $.. Different manufacturers to add the same songs you 've heard before on my subwoofer, Monolith! Powerful but not overbearing gear to buy or how to set it up should protect hard floors against scratching the! Everyone, I ’ ve heard 20 Hz and output the transition from main speakers to subwoofer was,!

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