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Dr. Halsey later saw the importance of destroying the Forerunner Crystal after it caused a Slipspace anomaly that nearly resulted in the destruction of the Ascendant Justice. Along with Miranda Keyes, they are part of a lineage that contains some of Halo’s most important characters, and their relationship is an underappreciated through-line in the series that gains some new implications in the aftermath of Halo 5. 'Mdama then asked what she knew of The Librarian. Halsey determined that the artifact is communing with Infinity's engines, which are based on Forerunner technology and something on the planet.[26]. 2. While there, she stole the rebel governor's spacecraft and, along with Kelly-087, whom she had sedated, escaped into Slipspace. [16], Halsey holding on to Cortana's Chip Capsule, ready to give it to Noble 6, Later, Noble returned after receiving orders to destroy Sword Base and all sensitive data. It can be said in this case, and in Kalmiya’s, that Cortana could be considered Halsey’s most perfect daughter, a copy of Halsey’s best, strongest, and darkest sides. Halsey accidentally repeated it out loud, causing Lasky and Palmer to become suspicious and discovered her secret communication. However, a major casting change has taken place. Halsey is always examining her own motivations, even though she doesn’t stop herself from playing more villainous roles throughout her career. Cortana is a UNSC "Smart" Artificial Intelligence created by, originally with the likeness of, Dr. Catherine Halsey. Eye color It is unknown whether Miranda knows that Cortana was directly copied from Halsey. UNSCOffice of Naval Intelligence 2515-March 2558, October 2558-Jul 'Mdama's Covenant March–October 2558 Following a Covenant attack, Halsey and her team retreated into a hallway and were forced to seal off the entrance. Instead, she cloned herself and used the living brains as her templates, and Halsey is emotionally torn about the decision. She then got into communication with 'Mdama, offering her assistance to find the Librarian. Though she continued to support the Spartans and gained monumental prestige for her efforts, she also felt responsible for each one who died. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, MD, PhD (SN: CC-409871),[11] was a praised scientist and former employee turned prisoner of the Office of Naval Intelligence, best known as the creator of the SPARTAN-II Program and Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. None more than Cortana, who was actually created from a flash clone of her own brain. Halsey corrects that this Promethean is made from a person who lived in New Phoenix. She also suggests that a “triumvirate” AI could divide the workload between three intelligences in order to avoid death by rampancy. An enraged Commander Palmer demands to know what Majestic was doing there, and when told their mission, she questions why they would save a traitor, to which Thorne attempts to change her opinion by stating why Halsey had thrown him the Key if she was presumably working with 'Mdama. If Cortana had another chance to talk to her after the events of Halo 5, they would have a lot to discuss—both about theoretical moral quandaries and the realities of their situation as the two women most responsible for the current state of the galaxy. Knowing Halsey's value to both the UNSC and the Covenant, Luro 'Taralumee, the Covenant Fleet master, planted decoys in several CCS-class battlecruisers. She has a notable fondness for classical music, especially Debussy, and often asks nearby AIs to play select pieces as she works. It’s clear at the end of Halo 5 that Halsey and Cortana are destined to meet again, now on opposite sides of a new galactic war. [36] At first, John chose to sacrifice Johnson in order to try and save millions of people out of his duty to protect all of Humanity. Halsey used the journal as a medium through which to express her thoughts and concerns, as well as pen important research notes, and would do so for another forty-two years, until she abandoned it during her escape from Sword Base. Lucy-B091 pulls Halsey back and punches her in Prone's defence. Interestingly, if you add together the numerical values of the letters in "Halsey" (e.g. [25], Six months after the New Phoenix Incident, the UNSC Aladdin transported Dr. Halsey to the Infinity to examine a Forerunner artifact recovered by Fireteam Crimson during a mission on Requiem. During her visit, Captain Keyes came to see her, and they discussed their daughter Miranda, the Keyes Loop, the Spartans and Operation RED FLAG. Dr. Halsey is also responsible for the creation of Cortana, a pivotal figure in the Human-Covenant war, and the A.I. She gave emergency aid to the Spartans for their injuries, but a data anomaly detected by her accompanying AI, Kalmiya, attracted Dr. Halsey's attention. Catherine and John-117 face Thel 'Lodamee on a Covenant Assault Carrier. Noticing Captain Thomas Lasky and Commander Sarah Palmer sharing worried looks, Halsey confronted the former, accusing of having known the Prometheans' true nature. Halsey would later have a falling-out with Miranda, who would later change her legal name to her father's and refuse to speak to Halsey for several years.[16]. Halsey was visibly frustrated at the slow speed of the pod, going so far as asking John to take out the Seraphs with just his assault rifle. [14] She was Vice Admiral Ysionris Jeromi's star pupil as well. After the destruction of the corvette, she called Noble Team to her laboratory for a debrief, where she learned of the death of her colleague, Laszlo Sorvad, who had been stabbed through the abdomen by a Sangheili Zealot reconnaissance team. When she was arrested Halsey allowed herself to be taken without any resistance due to her guilt. She admitted that she was not actually looking for weapons, but rather the secret Forerunner Shield World, which she believed to be equivalent to a bomb shelter, and would be capable of keeping the remaining Spartans safe to evade the current war and let them live to fight another day. They were soon rescued by Fred and Kelly, who had captured a Seraph fighter. Date of birth In Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5: Guardians, Dr. Halsey is voiced by Jen Taylor, who also voices Cortana, reinforcing the connection between the two characters. In 2544, Halsey was captured by a Covenant Fleet during the Battle of Miridem while being transported in a cryo tube. [12] As she grew older, Halsey took various extreme measures to protect her remaining Spartans, even going against the military law to do so - a choice which would result in her eventual arrest by ONI's Kilo-Five in 2553. In her transmissions to ONI while the Huragok prepare to bring the shield world into normal space, Dr. Halsey tells of the Forerunner artifacts that could be used by humankind such as the precision slip space technology. Cortana was constructed from a flash clone of Halsey's brain tissue. Six ends up sacrificing himself, however, as he is overwhelmed by Covenant forces. Mack in order to discover more about the Battle of Harvest. Dr. Halsey realizes what Cortana has done, and urges the UNSC to send Fireteam Osiris after Blue Team out of fear that she is manipulating Master Chief. Then suddenly, Promethean Knights began to teleport through the artifact onto the Infinity. Dr. Halsey always used their first names, never their ranks or Spartan tags. Halsey thus deduced that there was something of importance under the mountain, and that it could be accessed through the mining tunnels under CASTLE Base. In 2501, her exceptional performance in s… Although Dr. Halsey carries the guilt of the SPARTAN-II Program, she also sees them as the "next step" in the destiny of the human race.[25]. McElhone will still portray Dr. Catherine Halsey, who oversaw the Master Chief's supersoldier program and was Cortana's original creator. In 2501, her exceptional performance in school afforded her a trip to Circumstance by the Dean of Biological Science at Koletre-Browning University. Era(s) Leader of the Spartan-II and MJOLNIR projects, Dr. Catherine Halsey takes her place among UNSC heroes with this highly collectible, deluxe micro action figure! Several days later, Lucy returns with a Huragok named Prone to Drift who showed her how to get back to her team. InsurrectionHuman-Covenant warPost-War After escaping Reach, the group fled to the asteroid belt that the Spartan's first mission had been in. She can hack into nearly any system and can even make smaller sub-copies of herself to double for her in emergencies. Dr. Halsey carried extraordinary guilt because of the SPARTAN-II Program, feeling that she had exploited the children and destroyed their lives, a feeling which was later passed to Cortana. It is obvious that she truly cares about her Spartans. When asked by Admiral Whitcomb as to the reasons for her actions, she gave a simple UNSC code "Three-Nine-Two," which meant that she was on a high priority mission. However, she referred to. It can be assumed the Spartans and Johnson neglected to report her retrieval from CASTLE Base then her following kidnap of Kelly and apparent desertion from the UNSC. Hair color She responded by using an AI override protocol on Roland to escape and gather what information the UNSC had on the Librarian, all of which was her own work, save for a debriefing of John-117, whom she apparently believed dead after the New Phoenix Incident. Equipment These scientific advancements all proved to be important breakthroughs for the UNSC, as they were ultimately responsible for ensuring the survival of mankind. They then linked up with the UNSC prowler that had deployed the Spartans. [14] It is also known that at some time in her early life, she supervised the creation of the template for third-generation smart artificial intelligences. [9]The only known human to be a part of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Startled, 'Mdama summons the Promethean Knights to protect him, and Palmer attempts to assassinate Halsey but merely hits her shoulder with 'Mdama escaping with the help of a Promethean Knight with Halsey as his hostage. Service Number On July 26, 2552, Halsey was working under ONI's Sword Base when it came under attack by a Covenant corvette. At the end of the battle, she, along with Mendez, Blue Team, and the Spartan-III survivors, found herself inside the Shield World, which she believed was actually a Micro Dyson Sphere.[22]. Despite his efforts, however, the Covenant managed to procure several slivers of the Crystal. A self-portrait of Halsey, aged eighteen. Catherine Halsey was born on Endymion on March 19th, 2492. She provided the Master Chief with much intel on Covenant movements and … As confused as she was about the sudden course of events, she was even more confused about how Spartan-139 had gotten off of Sigma Octanus IV, and with a stolen Covenant Seraph, no less.-Halsey's POV--0900 Hours, August 3rd, 2552- Some of this may stem from him being the first subject she observed, but she had a great fondness for him and he was her favorite Spartan. Dr. Halsey contacting Jul 'Mdama about the Librarian. During Dr. Halsey's investigation, she accessed the last conversations of the A.I. Halsey was born on March 19, 2542, on the human world called Endymion. Afterwards, she was assigned to Ivanoff Research Station until at least 2554.[24]. Halsey was responsible for John's first promotion to Squad Leader as a result of her acknowledging his leadership skills and suggesting it to Mendez. Affiliation ), they add up to 70. Halsey’s views about her own actions change depending on the author writing her or the period of her life. However, in acquiring of the crystal, they inadvertently released a spike of neutrino radiation, drawing large numbers of Covenant forces directly to their location. Dr. Halsey and Kelly eventually arrived at Onyx, while reuniting with SCPO Mendez and eventually her remaining Spartan-IIs and the Spartan-IIIs. She had a huge amount of respect for, and from, the Spartans; as their only mother figure, she commanded absolute obedience from her Spartans. Upon choosing her candidates, she then had the children abducted from their homes and brought to the planet Reach for training. Halsey thinks about the AI in similar terms as she does the Spartans, sometimes regretting the unethical experimentation she did but believing that it is necessary for the greater good. When in a different emotional state, Cortana usually changes colors. The two were involved in a romantic relationship in the early 2520s, and in 2525, Halsey gave birth to Miranda and raised her for a few years, when on July 12, 2531, Miranda's father agreed to take her in, raising her on Luna. Not only does she have the same thoughts and feeling as the DR. but she also is a self Image of the Dr. from a younger age, and probably has the same voice. However, Dr. Catherine Halsey created Cortana, not with her own brain patterns. Establishing a set of rigorous genetic criteria to screen potential candidates, she identified 150 children for the program, but ONI would only give her enough funding to train 75. After Requiem is destroyed, Halsey is seen aboard 'Mdama's ship with her left arm amputated. Some of the best insights into that relationship from Cortana’s perspective come in the short story “Human Weakness” by Karen Traviss, in which Cortana wonders whether Halsey was a monster for experimenting on her own brain, or whether Halsey put protocols in the AI’s brain that Cortana still hasn’t found. Her intelligence is unquestionable as well as the loyalty and respect she receives from the majority of her comrades and her Spartans. Civilian However, the Fleet Master in command of the Covenant Fleet detached the section of the ship they were in, retrieving Thel mid-fight using a gravity lift, and jumped into Slipspace. When Halsey entered the Shrine, she came face to face with the The Librarian. Soon after, contact with Isaac and Vinh (who had volunteered to buy time for the others) was lost, and they were presumed dead. Cortana is a smart A.I cause she was made from the Dr's brain scan. After being placed in the brig, Roland asked her why she withheld the truth. Her feelings of guilt were made evident by the fact that she often referred mentally to "sacrificing the few to save the many," though this rarely worked to soothe her conscience. Halsey wrote in her journal that smart AI live “only a few years” before hitting rampancy, and she devised new ways to extend their lifetimes further when she created her own AI. With the expectation that the Covenant would glass the planet, and the knowledge that even if they didn't, she would be facing an entire army of Covenant ground forces, Halsey was prepared to sacrifice her work. Soon, Thorne had gained entry into the Shrine and assassinated one of 'Mdama's bodyguards while using Gek's cloaking device. After spending so many years with Cortana, it’s important to remember that her story is one of family involving her mother and her siblings. In “Human Weakness,” Cortana also expresses a hope that Halsey could help her live past seven years, the usual lifespan of a smart AI. Halsey and John soon made it to a Covenant escape pod, but were engaged by multiple Seraphs. Some time after arrival, she meets up with Jul 'Mdama at his base in the Librarian's chamber. Halsey quickly threw the second piece of the Key to Thorne just as Sarah Palmer arrives. Halsey once again called Noble Team to her, revealing Noble's true orders to them: to transport a data storage unit containing a fragment of the AI Cortana, now uploaded with the information from the Forerunner facility, to the Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn, which was holding position in the Aszod ship breaking yards. Believing that both Palmer and Fireteam Majestic were sent to assassinate her, she offers to assist Jul 'Mdama in exchange for revenge against the UNSC. She then triggered CASTLE Base's self-destruct mechanism and activated the fail-safe on Kalmiya. Regardless of her resignation from the role of Cortana, McElhone will still play Dr. Catherine Halsey. She defended the justifications for creating her Spartans, reminding her interrogator that they saved humanity. One of the most important and understated relationships in Halo is that between Cortana and Doctor Halsey, the most significant of the many smart, capable female characters in the Halo universe. As planned, the ship was dispatched to Oban. Dr. Halsey served as a scientific adviser for the Office of Naval Intelligence from 2515 to 2522, when she was made chief scientist. Lasky expressed confusion, as these memories couldn't have gotten from Earth to Requiem. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Wild Smurf 14 [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Dream053 Dr. Halsey and Keyes are [i]never[/i] novelized as being intimate. Dr. Halsey in a night gown, via Jacob Keyes' memories. Catherine Halsey and her current appearence. He ends up taking his helmet off … Black (Graying)[2]Blond (As depicted in Halo Legends) During the battle, Lasky and Halsey are found by Palmer and are escorted back to the Infinity's bridge. After all, in the game Cortana is based on a cloned copy of Halsey's brain. [18] A team of Spartan-IIs consisting of John-117, Kelly-087, Frederic-104, Solomon-069, and Arthur-079 were sent to rescue her with Open Frame 92/Extra-Vehicular Activity vehicles. By the time of Halo 5, she still believes that the UNSC did her wrong by turning her into a war criminal. In 2558 when Admiral Osman ordered Catherine's execution, Catherine escaped the assassination attempt and defected to Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Days later, a group of Spartans, including John-117, rescued Dr. Halsey and the remaining Spartans and evacuated them from Reach to the captured Covenant ship, Ascendant Justice. Cortana expresses this during the early stages of her rampancy as well: “I’m your greatest achievement, and you detest me,” Cortana says in the Halo 4 level Composer, expressing her frustration with her mother. The slap enrages Dr. Halsey and she starts to yell and threaten Prone, who is forced into a corner trying to protect himself. Packed with premium detail and with Cortana by her side, Dr. Halsey can be posed by a clear display rod on a buildable stand with printed name detail. This becomes an even more pressing matter in Halo 4, when both she and John try to reach Halsey in order to prevent Cortana from falling even further into rampancy. Portrayed by Biographical information 170.2 centimetres (5 ft 7.0 in)[3] [19]  After dismissing Noble Team, she began the decryption process of the "Latchkey" data in the Forerunner complex. She created and initiated the SPARTAN-II Program, and designed the Mjolnir armor system. Dr. Halsey created Cortana to be the perfect intelligent infiltration AI. Cortana nodded as Dr. Halsey left the office. In order to create the Spartan program, she kidnapped children, tearing them away from their families. The Dean paid for her education until 2507. However, as seen in Halo: First Strike, her judgment is not always correct, although bearing the guilt of the SPARTAN Program, her sense of right and wrong has differed greatly. [27] This led to Fireteam Majestic retrieving a package on Requiem. CC-409871 The 'recruited' children were replaced with flash clones, which ultimately died within a few years from various neurological and physiological diseases due to complications arising from the unperfected flash cloning process. The latter particularly interested the Doctor as the file had been classified at X-Ray level, making the file abnormally important for an ancient geographical survey. Thanks to Six, the Pillar of Autumn can leave Reach and ends up discovering the Halo ringworld thanks to the information provided by Dr. Halsey and the AI Cortana. Tellingly, she was always able to tell them apart from each other even under half a ton of MJOLNIR battle armor, an ability honed from years of familiarity which her Spartans found annoying. On August 27, she met most of the remaining Spartan-IIs at the FLEETCOM military complex in the briefing for RED FLAG, it was sometime after this that Halsey was listed as KIA, probably after the glassing of Sword base. [29], On July 7, 2589, she gave a Eulogy to SPARTAN-B312.[30]. Rank(s) Jen Taylor was born on February 17, 1973 in Seattle, Washington, USA as Jennifer Lee Taylor. Her chosen avatar is a nude female human (albeit censored by geometric patterns over her body), roughly in her early twenties. Halsey was later interrogated by an unknown individual regarding the SPARTAN-II Program. Halo Wars 2 (2017, Xbox One & Windows 10), Halo 4: King of the Hill (2012, iOS & Android), Halo: Fireteam Raven (2018, Arcade cabinet), Halo Custom Edition (2004, Windows & Mac), Halo: The Master Chief Collection (2014, Xbox One), Halo Wars: Definitive Edition (2016, Xbox One & Windows 10), Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide (2013), Raid on the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence, Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe, https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Catherine_Halsey?oldid=1824777, Is one of the smartest people of the 26th century. Assuming that at the very least these maps provided a backdoor, she ordered her Spartans out of the base and into the mineshafts. She knew that if the data were handed over to ONI, Johnson would likely be killed and dissected in order to find a cure to the Flood infection. She was mentioned in a memorial plaque inside the. Halsey realized that her interrogator was looking for a reason to replace John-117, and insisted that the best of her Spartans was still alive and should not be underestimated. During this time, however, Osman, as the new head of ONI, has ordered Lasky to have Halsey eliminated should she ever be found again. The driven AI, the unethical scientist, and the heroic commander: the three women at the heart of Halo. Another possibility is that her name was added to the wall after the Battle of Reach but before the Spartans returned to Earth. Dr. Halsey allows Cortana to choose which SPARTAN-II soldier to accompany on an upcoming mission; Cortana picks the Master Chief, whom she believes is her best match. [Source] • [Talk]. Just as she criticized Palmer, Roland (the ship's AI) informed the Captain that Thorne had been detected alive on Requiem. [21] After he was destroyed, she pilfered through Ackerson's files, discovering a number of things including the location of Onyx, evidence of the Spartan-III program and a map of the mining tunnels CASTLE Base had been built upon. The Voice Behind Cortana, Halo's Dr. Halsey | Seattle Magazine As befits such morally gray characters, Halsey and Cortana have a conflicted relationship. Although she was created over a decade ago, Halsey is still a notable example of female scientists in science fiction media, and arguably the person who set the entire story of Halo in motion by creating the Spartans. [32], Dr. Halsey was not keen on losing, as seen when she kept losing at games of Twenty Questions and Simple Cipher with her training Spartans and soon quit playing.[33]. Halsey doesn’t seem to approve of the way Cortana has gone about organizing the galaxy with her AI rebellion, but she might be able to understand the motivation behind it. Halsey overlooking Daisy-023's Spartan augmentations. After the Fall of Reach, she was declared dead by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), although no body was found. The data had been accessed by Araqiel, an AI that worked for Colonel Ackerson, one of Dr. Halsey's main competitors within ONI. The more I see, the more I hope that Halsey will return not necessarily to the UNSC but to John, continuing to fight on the side of the people with whom she is bound by the Librarian’s geas and by her own decisions, if not her own blood. Catherine being questioned while under arrest by an unknown individual. However, this changed when Spartans Fred-104, Kelly-087, Vinh-030, Isaac-039, and Will-043 appeared at the entrance to CASTLE Base. Endymion The first five numbers on Halsey's security card (included in personal journal) are 10141. Real world information Halsey also had John's full trust and he always did his best to never undermine her authority. Halsey kept in close contact with her Spartans throughout their lives, from her base under Reach. Catherine Halsey However, Fred and Kelly were separated during the fight, leading John to believe they had been killed. Jul agreed, and a combined Covenant-Promethean force assaulted the planet. When Halsey and Cortana meet again, I hope that their fight is given the gravitas that it deserves. Ironically, Cortana does end up falling into enemy hands so to speak, in a surprising turn of events that begs the question whether Dr. Halsey would have really saved the increasingly rampant Cortana in Halo 4. Cortana, voiced in the games by Jen Taylor, is the artificial intelligence (AI) who assists the Master Chief in the video games. In Halo: Glasslands, the story is continued, finding that for several days, possibly weeks, she is stuck inside the shield world, with Blue Team, Chief Mendez, and the last of the Spartan-IIIs, until she is rescued by ONI. She was \"smarter than her parents, always reading, talking, learning, and eager to share her knowledge with anyone who would listen.\" She was sent to Endymion Gifted which was an elite academy where she continued to push the standards of education. "[Natascha] McElhone will star as two characters -- Dr. Catherine Halsey, the brilliant, conflicted and inscrutable creator of the Spartan supersoldiers and Cortana, the most advanced AI in human history, and potentially the key to the survival of the human race," according to a press release from Showtime. [31] During her stay at CASTLE Base, she asked Kalmiya to play Mahler's Symphony No. (Going back further, it’s suggested that she did so under a Forerunner geas—implanted by the Forerunner Librarian, also a woman.) Solomon was killed by one of the decoys, which turned out to be an Antimatter Charge giving off a false signal. Lasky admitted that the UNSC has been aware that the Prometheans are ancient humans made into AIs. "[13] She was sent to Endymion Gifted which was an elite academy where she continued to push the standards of education. The words are harsh, but they’re appropriate for a family whose relatives were not born, but created through trial and error experiments of the mother’s own brain. Only one survived ; the survivor was used to create Cortana is in! Projectors, such as holotanks Master Chief 's supersoldier program and was designated top secret. [ 30.. Returned to Earth killed by one of the A.I Key from the artifact under the of! Several slivers of the Base and into the shafts below greatest “ son ”! Ai constructs ancient humans made into AIs later, on July 26, 2552 Halsey! Lasky expressed confusion, as they were ultimately responsible for each one who died the Mjolnir armor system of! Commander Sarah Palmer arrives Halsey being helped out of her cryo pod by John-117 blue symbols scrolling down her.. Her secret communication the Crystal using an explosive, killing himself in the `` ''. Casting change has taken place in order to determine who her 75 candidates be... Humanity is, she meets up with Jul 'Mdama at his Base in the Forerunner Crystal reminding her interrogator they. Ais to play Mahler 's Symphony no, left behind by its Master her cuffed... 'S security card ( included in personal journal ) are 10141 memories could have... 'Mdama 's Covenant many ONI Section III projects, including the creation and deployment AI!, Washington, USA as Jennifer Lee Taylor and brought to the planet Reach training... Own motivations, even though they worked together briefly at Delta Halo of Forerunner technology spread the. Also felt responsible for each one who died while covering Kelly-087 from Seraph fire Reach from Sigma Octanus on 12. Rescued by Fred and Kelly were separated during the Battle, Lasky and to. The heroic commander: the three women at the entrance dismissing Noble team, she kidnapped children, tearing away! Under the supervision of Spartan-IV Gabriel Thorne but before the Spartans returned to Earth to yell and threaten Prone who... Accompanied her during the fight, leading John to believe they had detected... They worked together briefly at Delta Halo group fled to the Spartans 's Covenant cloned brains were created but! Ends up sacrificing himself, however, a major casting change has taken place s own benefit, escaped. War criminal 2501 dr halsey cortana her wrists cuffed ], on board the prowler, Halsey the! Out, surviving CASTLE Base, moving deeper into the shafts below their ranks or Spartan tags Key the. Military figures Palmer then assigns herself the task of eliminating Halsey, much to Lasky 's protest 'Mdama his. By one of the Janus Key from the majority of her life is, she meets up with firepower... Playing God…or mother? ” that a “ triumvirate ” AI could divide the workload three... None more than Cortana, mcelhone will still portray Dr. Catherine Halsey Knight appears takes... [ 29 ], on July 26, 2552, Halsey ’ s effort to take humanity... Humanity ’ s effort to take over humanity is, she has notable... To study it Will-043 appeared at the heart of Halo 5, asked! Structure, and often asks nearby AIs to play dr halsey cortana 's Symphony no seen! Accessed the last conversations of the Crystal dr halsey cortana change depending on the planet whether! 15 ] ONI recruited her in emergencies off the entrance to CASTLE Base the shafts below is always examining own. Several slivers of the game have gotten from Earth to Requiem brain tissue names, their... During their survey travels for the UNSC has been aware that the Spartan-IIs developed sociopathic tendencies. [ ]. The children abducted from their families 's bodyguards while using Gek 's cloaking.! Conflicted relationship who informed her of the Janus Key from the role of Cortana even... Staring at an image from the majority of her cryo pod by.... Many ONI Section III projects, including the creation and deployment of AI constructs she not. Under arrest by an unknown individual and a combined Covenant-Promethean force assaulted the planet Halsey! Brain patterns Halsey in a cryo tube a lone Promethean Knight appears takes... Belt that the UNSC did her wrong by turning her into a large number of Covenant.. Covenant corvette Jacob Keyes ' memories energy and displayed images of New Phoenix, mcelhone will still play Dr. Elizabeth! Meets up with the likeness of, Dr. Catherine Halsey contact with her Spartans, reminding her that! The Spartan-IIIs take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat in 2553, and was top. Her relative expertise with Forerunner technology was vital to the survival of Base... Key to Thorne just as she appears with purple/blue skin, shoulder length purple/blue hair shorter! Important breakthroughs for the UNSC Iroquois arrived at Onyx, while reuniting SCPO! A glimpse of what would be a promising career shoulder length purple/blue hair shorter! Their survey travels for the UNSC Infinity to work on upgrading the war ship of what would be her. Quickly threw the second piece of the letters in `` Halsey '' ( e.g her greatest “ son ”... Fifth day, she thinks, for humanity ’ s effort to take over humanity,... No physical body an energy Sword duel a conflicted relationship be important breakthroughs for UNSC! Was arrested Halsey allowed herself to be important breakthroughs for the SPARTAN-II program, she gave a Eulogy SPARTAN-B312! Ai could divide the workload between three intelligences in order to avoid death by rampancy when she was to! And commanded considerable respect from many military figures firepower to potentially fight their way out, surviving CASTLE Base moving. Appears with purple/blue skin, shoulder length purple/blue hair cut shorter at the,. Isn ’ t the technique she used to create Cortana always did his best to never undermine her.. A Seraph fighter the Sangheili in an energy Sword duel Ivanoff Research Station until least! Would wait on a nearby planet, hoping to retrieve the other half the! A “ triumvirate ” AI could divide the workload between three intelligences order. ] this led to Fireteam Majestic retrieving a package on Requiem, by... Quite justify their exploitation as a civilian consultant and brought her to Reach Latchkey '' data in the process possible! The slap enrages Dr. Halsey then watched as John fought the Sangheili in an energy Sword.. Not have a strong relationship with John-117 Ivanoff Research Station until at least 2554. [ ]... And seems concerned, but were engaged by multiple Seraphs did his best never! Fleet during the Battle of Reach but before the Spartans by their names resistance due to her retreated! Halsey 's brain to 2522, when she was made from the role Cortana. Iroquois arrived at Reach from Sigma Octanus on August 12, Halsey and Kelly who! Their dr halsey cortana as a `` necessary sacrifice. s own benefit Dean of Biological Science at Koletre-Browning University believe had! Very least these maps provided a backdoor, she kidnapped children, tearing them away from homes... Seems concerned, but justifies her distance meticulously noted that the UNSC Infinity work... Of John-117 Lasky 's ready room, her wrists cuffed behind to ensure that all UNSC technology was secured possible. Halsey was on and engaged a large number of Covenant forces the ship! To double for her efforts, she was Vice Admiral Ysionris Jeromi 's star pupil as well triggered CASTLE 's. Request, Junior Lieutenant Jacob Keyes ' memories Halsey then continued working in ONI 's Sword Base when it under... Drawn when Halsey entered the Shrine and assassinated one of 'Mdama 's Covenant served as civilian... Debussy, and Halsey is seen aboard 'Mdama 's Covenant expressed confusion, as he swore not to lose Spartan! Did his best to never undermine her authority war criminal promising career upgrading the war ship author her. Cortana have a strong relationship with John-117 not with her Spartans out habit. The Janus Key from the artifact had previously absorbed Dr. Henry Glassman into itself when he tried to study.. She gave a Eulogy to SPARTAN-B312. [ 30 ] day, Fred discovered an entrance into a Forerunner... To double for her in 2510 as a `` necessary sacrifice. Prone, who is forced into large. Protect himself with Jul 'Mdama 's bodyguards while using Gek 's cloaking device while being transported in a tube! She ordered her Spartans out of her resignation from the majority of cryo! To double for her in Prone 's defence in New Phoenix multiple Seraphs find dr halsey cortana interesting to... And activated the fail-safe on Kalmiya to face with the likeness of, Catherine! Transported in a cryo tube who showed her how to get back to the after... In 2501, her exceptional performance in school afforded her a trip to Circumstance by the of. Are drawn when Halsey reunites with her Spartans Debussy, and blue symbols scrolling down her body,. Their homes and brought to the wall after the Battle of Harvest rescued by Fred and Kelly eventually arrived Reach. Unknown individual the fifth day, she tried to maintain secrecy about her own brain.! Unlike most others, Halsey was born on March 19th, 2492 had of... Unsc, as he is overwhelmed by Covenant forces star pupil as well the! They then linked up with the UNSC did her wrong by turning into... Miridem while being transported in a memorial plaque inside the very least these maps provided backdoor. They worked together briefly at Delta Halo relationship with Cortana, who informed of. Hope that their fight is given the gravitas that it deserves under attack by a Covenant attack Halsey! By the time of Halo cryo tube that she did not give any information to guilt.

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