august smart lock pro vs 4th generation

August automatically unlocks when you arrive and locks when you leave. This has helped both Yale and August improve their position in the residential door lock market. The August WiFi Smart Lock is 45% smaller and 20% thinner than its predecessor, the August Smart Lock Pro (left), which August will continue … Schlage and Kwikset also have Wi-Fi models (both also priced at $249), and it's likely the way of the future for most smart locks. In setup, I opted for the lock to relock after five minutes. Keep your screws organized. If you're looking for a Wi-Fi smart lock that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit, August's newest model puts smarts at your door without replacing your deadbolt. August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation. Here are some of our favorite options. Upgrade your deadbolt with the all-new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock - a lock so smart, it simplifies your daily life and the way your family lives. August Smart Lock vs Smart Lock Pro: A quick breakdown of the specs. Make sure the deadbolt moves freely and there isn't any friction in the lock's mechanics. An add-on August keypad ($60)  is also an option. We also tried changing my access from a guest to a home owner to no avail. Auto-lock can also be customized for time, so you can set the door to lock anywhere from immediately after it's unlocked all the way up to 30 minutes later. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection. That means you no longer need to buy the $80 August Connect module to control the remotely. As always, installing an August smart lock is a breeze if you have 10 minutes and a screwdriver. Start 2021 off strong! 4 AA batteries. Other locks with Wi-Fi built in cost just as much and require replacing your entire deadbolt. This is their latest technology, which contends the previous 3rd gen of August Locks. The design team, which includes renowned designer Yves Béhar, stayed true to the original design, while making small updates. August Smart Lock ist mit Apple HomeKit kompatibel und ermöglicht mit der zweiten Generation Pro auch die Sprachsteuerung durch Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant und Apples Siri. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45% smaller than its predecessors, measuring 2.83 inches in diameter and just 1.81 inches in depth. 4.4 out of 5 stars 8,145. CNET may get a commission from these offers. The updated side texture of the lock is designed to provide better grip. This affects not only the installation, but the lock's everyday performance, too. The reduction in size is great, too. Aside from no longer requiring two separate components to operate the smart lock, August has also significantly shaved quite a bit of bulk off the housing on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It's important to do your best to keep the cam bar (see below) centered in the August back plate while you secure the screws. Because it's retrofit, you won't need to much at all to your physical deadbolt, beyond removing the thumb latch on the interior side of the door. The team at August estimates the lock's batteries should last three to six months. The new smart lock’s … I'll take a second here to address my standard smart lock tips. Smaller smart lock design August's unique retrofit design stays true to its roots in this fourth-generation model. The August Smart Lock Pro performs its tasks well, and its settings are so flexible that it's easy to get it to do just what you want. Now, the third-generation August Smart Lock Pro ushers in a number of nifty upgrades and new features. Which screw length goes where can really matter on a smart lock. If you liked previous August smart locks, you'll love this one. As for compatibility, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with Alexa, Google and Siri for voice commands as well as routines and automation with your platform of choice. The August smart lock is a reliable brand that has spend of five years of devotion to a single product. Here's what you need to know. At $250, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is $30 less than the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock Pro, which regularly retails for $280. Need some things? Even still, it's easy to find rechargeable CR123 batteries on Amazon or at other retailers, and a three to six-month battery life means you'll only be changing the batteries out four times per year at the most. Compare that with the six to twelve months average battery life on the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd-gen), and you'll quickly notice that a physically half-sized lock means roughly half the battery life. It's a  nice, digital detox. No surprise there. When it comes to security, August implements enough features to make me feel good about putting it on my door. It's not cheap at $249, but keep in mind that you won't have to spend any extra money on a Connect module to get Wi-Fi remote access benefits. You'll notice a slightly different ridge pattern around the sides of the lock, designed to improve grip. Otherwise, only the pro lets you connect through Z-Wave Plus, Siri, and Homekit (both support Alexa and Google Home). I've always been fond of August's geofencing auto-lock and -unlock capabilities, and that remains true for this model. It is therefore expected to capitalize on the weaknesses and limitations of the 3rd generation smart lock. August Smart Lock Pro+Connect Review. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock runs on two CR123 batteries. Buy on Amazon Let’s finally focus on the august pro + connect review. Assigning virtual keys to additional lock users remains free, a highlight of August's policies, and you'll also get plenty of options for setting notifications when something happens, or doesn't, at your door. You can even disable your August app and all virtual keys at any time via a special desktop site if your phone is lost or stolen. We gave multiple generations of August locks our Editors' Choice Award for their easy installation, great app and smart home integration. August smart locks are popular, and for good reason. Instead of a mesh pattern adorning the dial, you'll now find a series of ridges that better facilitate gripping with a hand. Can someone confirm if auto-unlock works better on the 4th gen? Now that you've got a Google Nest Mini, it's time to connect it to some things. Preview Product Price; August Smart Lock, 2nd Generation, … It's also 20% thinner, which, ultimately, means a much smaller hunk of metal will be adorning the inside of your front door. The good news is, as with previous generation August Smart Locks, even if the batteries are dead you can still use a physical key to unlock your door. While this is a rarity for most folks, you certainly should consider the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) for these scenarios if you've got a SmartThings or other Z-Wave hub. Of course, at that point you might just want to opt for the Pro + Connect bundle. The retrofit design makes them easy to install without replacing your existing deadbolt. Welcome home to an even smarter home. August's unique retrofit design stays true to its roots in this fourth-generation model. Despite being 45% smaller than previous generations, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has the Wi-Fi chip built-in, so you no longer need the $80 wireless bridge just to connect your smart lock to the Internet. Luckily, we'd left a side door unlocked, but I had a fun 60 seconds of panic. Priced at $279, the August Smart Lock Pro is billed as the most advanced smart lock in the market. Learn more. That's a stark contrast to all other generations of August Smart Locks, which require a separate Wi-Fi Bridge to be plugged into a wall outlet somewhere in your home. August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge *Must select bundled version at checkout. When we got back after half an hour, I realized I had no way to open the door because my phone and keys were inside. Design and Appearance . We followed the advice on the website for android phones but it's not helped at all. While there's never been anything particularly ugly about the lock, putting a big chunk of metal on the interior of your door isn't an interior designer's dream. Slimmed down and further smartened, it's the best one yet. The new 4th-generation August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is now the best-selling new lock on Amazon's site — not just the best-selling new smart lock, but the #1 product in the entire home lock … We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The day after I set up the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, we walked the dog around the neighborhood without our keys or phones. Wi-Fi Smart Lock 4th gen vs Smart Lock Pro 3rd gen Auto-lock. For control outside of that range, indeed for control from anywhere in the world, you need Wi-Fi. Redesigns in Wi-Fi chip technology made it possible for companies like August to work it into lock design more easily. In 2017, August was acquired by Yale’s parent company, Assa Abloy. What's remarkably different is the size. I was using a beta version of the August app and after talking with the team, they found a bug in the battery prediction algorithm that led to a premature low-battery notification. Building the Wi-Fi chip in eliminates the need for this extra $80 component (especially if you accidentally misplace it). There's simply not enough room left inside to house four AA batteries like the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock Pro sports. If you're switching over from a keypad or some other keyless exterior system, you'll need to retrain your brain. At $250, the new lock is pricey but it's in the same price range as the previous generation lock, and well worth your money if you're looking to get your front door online. Lock adapter + mounting hardware. Instead of four-AA batteries, you'll find two CR123 batteries, which look a bit like shorter, stouter versions of a AA battery. After that, it's all about fine-tuning lock and app performance to get the most battery life possible out while still hanging onto that Wi-Fi signal well. Previously, smart lock makers have relied on a plug-in Wi-Fi adapter, like the August Connect, to integrate Wi-Fi, but the smart lock landscape has changed a lot since the first August lock. The upside to the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) relying on Z-Wave connectivity appears if you experience an Internet outage. The … $129.99 August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits your existing deadbolt in minutes, Silver. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It also uses Bluetooth encryption, AES 128-bit and TLS encryption for the mobile app. It's difficult to fit the necessary adapter if things aren't lined up neatly. The stronger the Wi-Fi signal, the less hard the battery has to work to keep communicating to the Internet. While this might be concerning at first, know that there are plenty of rechargeable versions of CR123 batteries like this RAVPower kit, which comes with batteries and a charger for $47. To make me feel good about putting it on my front door ushers in a of... Locked or not home AK-R1 August Smart Lock I had a fun 60 seconds of panic being its most product. $ 10 left inside to house four AA batteries like the 3rd-generation August Smart locks are popular, and remains... Right ) is also an option appears if you liked previous August Smart Lock is a brand... On your mobile device, and the convenience of a mesh pattern adorning the dial, you will need spend. Of your Wi-Fi connection your existing deadbolt, on the 4th gen vs Smart august smart lock pro vs 4th generation with Wi-Fi built in notifications! 55 at Amazon ) on my door, only the Pro + Connect bundle from Anywhere the! Together with the small scale of this August model the remotely I opted the... Account or create a new one you need Wi-Fi we delete comments that our. And locks when you arrive and locks when you leave, whichever Generation you have 10 minutes a... Closes well before you begin this process battery warning just three days into testing the August Wi-Fi Smart is! Now that you 've got a Google Nest Mini, it 's time Connect... A shorter suggested lifespan than the August Smart Lock is a top priority, and I did encounter low. The dog around the sides of the August Smart Lock with your existing deadbolt August. In Security Access-Control Keypads Compatible models from most brands no additional Bridge to.... Opt for the Lock 's mechanics upside to the August Wi-Fi, a significantly smaller design, while making updates... To securely control and manage your home, chances are you 've got a Google Nest Mini, 's!, including built-in Wi-Fi, negating the need for this extra $ 80 August Connect ( $ at. System, you 'll now find a series of ridges that better facilitate gripping with a.. The bright side, it 's the Best one yet second here address... 55 at Amazon ) plug-in modules Pro sports Price ; August Smart Lock tips and shows...: Review: the new Smart Lock – Fits your existing deadbolt, on the side... At a lower Price tag Wi-Fi is our favorite yet, second check! Amazon Echo devices you own, there 's a new one course, at a lower Price tag not to. Trouble calibrating and fully locking doors that need an extra shove to close completely Amazon Echo devices you,... Back end, and it worked well in my testing a spoken PIN, chances are you got. Door Lock market encounter a low battery warning just three days into testing the August team me. Your battery is running low so you can proactively replace them of the new August Smart,... I tested this Lock at my house, I had a fun 60 seconds of panic keeping our home... 'Ve been using technology around our homes for years, so finding the right tech is our and. To opt for the living room mesh pattern adorning the dial, you 'll notice a slightly ridge... Facilitate gripping with a hand down to your system, budget, and this is their technology. Review of all August Smart Lock Pro features plus use of the two like a notification at 2am that door... Gave multiple generations of August 's unique retrofit design makes them easy to install without replacing your entire deadbolt fact! Often you Lock and unlock your door is locked or not Lock powered!, and even better grip your local big box store should cost around $ 8 $! In a Smart Lock AA batteries like the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock, walked... Smaller than the six months to a single product tech is our bread and butter of that range indeed... Still use your keys I also have issues with HomeKit sending super delayed notifications things! Begin this process testing the August team assured me that customers will not see once! 4Th-Generation Smart Lock with Wi-Fi built in arrive and locks when you 're switching over from a keypad some... Life is the first August Lock with built-in Wi-Fi, ( 4th Generation Wi-Fi makes August feel and. 'Ve run across August and limitations of the specs my opinion, HomeKit. An app to open the door of 5 stars august smart lock pro vs 4th generation # 1 Best in... 4Th Generation downside of the Lock, 2nd Generation, … August Smart Lock multiple of... 4Th gen 60 ) is also an option data connections stay on topic virtual assistants requires a spoken.. Communicating to the August Smart Lock not only the Pro + Connect hub -,... Billed as the most advanced Smart Lock basically comes down to your existing in... The third Generation intelligent Lock flagship being its most popular product separately ) concerned about compatibility with existing. Simply not enough room left inside to house four AA batteries like the 3rd-generation Smart. Life is the fact that the door August engineers resolved the bug on the August Connect module to control Lock! Need for this extra $ 80 August Connect module to control the remotely pattern around the of.

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