how to attach deer antlers together

Crafting With Deer Antler: Deer antler is an incredible renewable resource that has a myriad of uses in the craft world. Using a drill and strong wires, attach the individual antlers to each other in the design of your choosing. One was a one-piece set and the others were two separate pieces. The first will be the size of the bolt so it can fit through the plaque. It should be slightly larger than the base of the antlers you’ll mount. I had to laugh at our neighbor she went to some decor store and paid 250.00 for a faux set. There are three visual variants of the Deer Antler, that all function in the same way. I think I will soak my hacksaw in bleach for awhile. Then wrap the area with plastic wrap to hold the water or moisture in. Step 5 Hold the antler firmly in … 7 years ago Reply on Introduction, I use plaster not clay, use dry wall screw not bolt and the edge of the plaque looks good with a darker color of stain, Reply This list is quite comprehensive. after that, just trim off all of the ecsess bone. Make sure the tips are even and not lopsided to one side. Thanks. This needs to be wide enough and deep enough only for the nut on the back of the mounting plate to fit flush up against the front of the plaque. Cut through the skull at the base of the antlers, making sure to keep part of the skull plate as you go around it. (Along with camouflage comforters. Hi, I'm Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl. Trace your antlers onto the mounting plate so they can be easily aligned for drilling. I happen to be married to a successful hunter who has been willing to give me some of the smaller deer antlers. This is a tricky step, but if you've ever upholstered a piece of furniture or anything it wont be to hard. Hello! But for those smaller deer, the antlers are perfect for projects. Place the bowl on newspaper, face-down. This will leave a nice, clean looking edge around the base of the antlers with the fabric. Note, however, that the laws vary from state to state regarding the sale of antler sheds or antler products. it's basically just screwed in place. Sheds, especially big ones, do have the potential to garner some serious cash. He's out right now trying for #5! 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. but that's just me, don't feel insulted. It’s much easier than you think to mount antlers on your own. 3. It’s easy to spray paint antlers, so pick your favorite color or leave them natural if you like. You can simply screw the skull plate to a wall, cover the artificial skull plate with leather or felt like a traditional deer mount, or even attach the artificial skull plate and antlers to a taxidermy form and cover with a deer cape for a shoulder mount. Delta- I agree that there are reasons for the presented method. You might be able to get some from a hunter friend or something like that if you aren't a hunter yourself. See you at my blog, Decor Adventures soon! There you have it. Spray paint the antlers and attach them to the wall to get a comfy storage piece. You should not take only the antlers. Click to see full answer Then, how do you put deer antlers together? Trim the excess fabric off as needed to make it easier to work. I like the smell of coffee and sawdust in the morning. The ends of the pipe cleaners should be looped around the entire headband, and then the pipe cleaners should be twisted around themselves to securely hold the antlers in place. on Introduction. Make sure the tips are even and not lopsided to one side. Hole size should be appropriate to the size of the screws provided in the kit. First I drew two overlapping circles onto the luan to make a nice teardrop shape. this is the most heavy handed and ugly antler mount I have ever isn't necessary to drill a hole through the centre of the skull and why do you need to cover up the bone ?? Please contact me if you would like to borrow any media (photos, video or audio files), tutorials, or ideas from this blog. I will post an image here when i am done. Reply in Michigan, you just need to drive a couple of miles down the road. thx, if you want to cut the horns out of the skull and keep them together with a peice of bone or something, you can use a sawz-all (thats what i used, its kind of like a big jigsaw) by just cutting a short wide U under the horns. Deer antler chandeliers are a great way to add a rustic feel to any room, and they aren't very hard to put together. boil it?bury it?leave it outside for a while and hope a small animal doesn't run off with it? Drill a hole in the center of your antlers big enough for your bolt to fit through. I will definitely be using your instructable for the mount. Now, all that is left is to slide the rest of the bolt through the hole in the plaque and bolt it into place! on Introduction. I don't have any pictures of this, but at this point I chose to use a keyhole router bit on the back of my plaque so when i hung it on the wall it would be flush and look nice. Don't want to waste a good deer. Mount the antlers. The animal is already dead. Once the holes are pre-drilled, put in the screws to hold everything together. Now you can secure the hanging hardware on the back of the board and hang them up! 12. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If the deer was beat up one might not want to see the scared head. To get it done by even the smallest taxidermy shops costs about $300 dollars. Place the antlers on the board as you’d like them positioned. 99% of the time I would be happy to allow you to use one photo with appropriate credit and link back to (preferably to the same post it was borrowed from.) Now the antlers can be bolted to the mounting plate. The third hole will be the same size as the second but on the back of the plaque. The second hole will be on the front of the plaque. In this article, I will show you where to acquire deer antler, what can be made with it, and how to work with antler material.Man was using antler during o… Step 2: Use a rasp, Foredom or Dremel tool to rough up the attachment area of the reproduction skull for greater adhesion. Thanks! P.S. Also a full head mount is expensive and no one does that for all their deer unless they are all monsters. Home project tutorials. The silver one below already had the mounting holes drilled in it when I took this picture, but you can get an idea of the size board you need. 12 years ago it seems stupid to me, that anyone would NOT have those skull bones in plain sight. Nov 8, 2012 - Turn all of those whitetail deer antlers into a work of art for your home! and i like it better that way. I got it this weekend. Feb 14, 2017 - In just 6 steps, you can learn how to make a deer antler ring. In order to get your deer antlers it would probably be good to shoot a male deer (a buck). Twist it tightly to connect the threaded pieces together. If you find them second hand they may already have holes drilled in them from when they were previously mounted. Glue the antlers together in the arrangement you have chosen. sweet i hope i get a buck to do this with! Use a small screwdriver to press this excess fabric into the space that was left between the modeling clay and the bottom edge of the antlers. Be sure to leave the top/front portion of the skull attached which is necessary for the mounting. Related How to Mount Shed Antlers. Smaller pieces are easier to handle. Boil it for 10-15 minutes. Carefully glue the … 5. Use the crayola clay to shape the top of the "head." If the metal tube within the antler is too small, the end pieces will … If using only wires, attach the light bulb housings on whichever antlers you want and run the … Add two more antlers, one at a time in the same fashion, to complete the bowl shape. How To Attach Antlers To A European Mount Step 1: Rasp or cut the cleaned antler plate to fit the notch on the reproduction skull. Materials Needed to Mount Deer Antlers. 9 years ago Fill in the Antlers I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY project. Essentially, you’re going to need to drill a couple holes in the skull plate. I must say, that I came here just to tell you that you mounted the upside down or your house it wrong-side-up… If that was on a live animial, the deer would be laying on its back hallucinating from looking at the sun, Hi there, a comment on your horn mount THEY ARE MOUNTED UPSIDE DOWN, Hah! Do this for each antler if they are separate. My family had antlers on the wall before they were considered cool. This is the part you will attach to a board to mount them. Doing this will make a great Christmas gift. Stack the antlers into a position you like, making sure that they rest flat on the table. Cut the antlers out of the skull. Glue the antlers together in the arrangement you have chosen. February 4, 2015 Decor Adventures 7 Comments. what is the best method for cleaning the leftover bits of meats off the bone so that it can be mounted. So do you do a full mount for all the deer you bag? I mounted two sets of antlers that I got at a yard sale. Select a front and back side of the antler lamp and allow the wire to emerge from the back of where the lamp is sitting on a table. All images and tutorials on this blog are copyrighted material. Run the electrical wiring through the hole you just drilled [source: Deer Hunting]. My son (age 13) has killed a buck the past 4 deer seasons. These antlers fall from bucks' heads each fall. Step 1: Getting Started A hand saw or hack saw will do the trick. In this step you will make the piece that connects the antlers to the wooden plaque. She was so proud until hubby brought out a real set and gave them to her for free. To make an antler lamp, you will need to drill several holes in order to connect the antlers together. First, prepare the board you’ll mount the antlers on. You may as well. Attach or make a “cover” for the skull plate; Attach the antlers to a plaque; Hang & Enjoy! Trim the skull plate of the moose to the minimum material necessary to hold the antlers together. Place the antlers on the board as you’d like them positioned. 4. I chose to stain my plaque to give the project a nice finished look. Materials Antlers Luan Plywood Bolt 2 Nuts Gorilla Glue Crayola Model Magic Clay (Air Dry) Cloth 1/2 Yard (your choice of color) A Plaque Wood Stain You're also going to need some basic tools like a ban saw, a sander, a staple gun and a drill with a couple different types of drill bits. Continue to wire the antlers together as you add them. Be sure to leave the top/front portion of the skull attached which is necessary for the mounting. You don’t necessarily need all of these materials to mount deer antlers on a plaque, but this is what’s needed for a … Deer antler is a wonderful and durable resource for jewelry and crafts. Most seasoned hunters will agree that nothing attracts deer more than the sound of an authentic antler rattler. I used gorilla glue to fasten the bolt to the antlers. You don’t need a degree in Taxidermy or any special tools, a drill will do! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Antlers can be found at flea markets or second hand stores if you are lucky. Make sure that you leave about a centimeter of extra fabric around the base of the antlers during this whole process. i actually meant something else..... my old man has a pair of antlers, cut up just like that, and he put it on some lumber piece he polished, and voila. Share it with us! You can use a jeweler's glue or an epoxy type glue. Now just go hang it up on the wall somewhere. If you're a nature or hunting enthusiast and have antlers from past hunting trips, or if you bought some, use them to customize an old chandelier or a chandelier kit. Cut skull plate squarely, avoiding saw contact with the antlers. 4. Always remember to follow the grain of the wood when staining. Maybe I’ll put a hand towel on them! You can paint the board if you would like. Lay the fabric over the top of the "head" and begin stapling the fabric to the back of the mounting plate. Each deer antler mount plaque kit will vary a little bit with how to actually attach the antlers to the plaque. Collect shed deer antlers from the wild or purchase them online. A quick online search, and you will find people who enjoy finding antler sheds and selling them. A DIY Blog Empowering You to Complete Your Own Project. Instead, use the antlers for some fun craft projects. Today I am going to clean up the rack with some advice from a hunter friend. There are a lot of regulations, even from state to state, that go with selling deer antlers. the only difference to your pair, is that the remains of the skull bones are in sight. Did you make this project? Pretty Handy Girl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I had to use a washer so the bolt would line up correctly to fit into the hole in the luan and the plaque. Its a different style of mount. Drill two 3/16 inch holes in the skull plate as far apart as possible as shown in the picture above. Once you have the look you … Work the fabric all the way around the bottom of the mounting plate, making sure that the front is pulled taut and smoothed out. 6 years ago gets a thumbs down from me...sorry... Drilling a screw into the skull is what happens to every mount. He's kept the racks each time wanting to get them mounted. dont worry about cutting too far into the head.. the deer wont be using its head much anymore ; ). This will allow your antlers to sit flat on the wall when you hang them. 2. Place the tip of a power drill bit where you want to start the hole, and start drilling into the antler. Use a paper towel or a brush to apply the stain to the wood. These can be found at craft stores or you can cut your own from MDF. Then you screw the antlers down onto the plaque. Wire overlapping parts of the antlers on the sides to secure the form. This will allow the second nut, attaching the mounting plate to the plaque, to be flush in the back. Now when you see antlers at the flea market, you can pick them up and put them up in your home in just a few minutes. , Mine too! You see, the male deer naturally sheds his antlers each winter. This project shows an easy way to mount a deer scull. You’ll see all kinds of animal antlers on walls or holding jewelry or scarves. Over time, the antlers can dry out and start to look ragged or worn. Try to keep the actual antlers out of the water. With this otherwise simple tool at your disposal, you can produce the sound of two bucks butting antlers together during the rut, which is almost certain to spark the curiosity of nearby deer. Wine racks of antlers can be made easily – just attach antlers to the board and place it on the wall or attach antlers to each other so that they created a cool wine display on your table. Many hunters not only enjoy the pursuit of wild game animals for food, but also for sport. If skull plate trimming is necessary, mark prior to cutting to ensure proper cut and fit as shown in the picture below. Using your drill, carefully drill into the bone of the antler and through the board. As it had been dead for some time and the innards were not frozen, it smelled to high heaven once I got through the bone. They can be both functional and practical. If the antler base isn't sturdy enough, you can screw them together.Drill a hole through the antler(s), where you will place the light socket. How to Prepare Deer Antlers for Mounting. They come in all sizes and shapes, plus you can paint them any color to match your style. Twist the mouth piece to the other end of the antler, twisting it tightly as well. Hacksaw, Dremel, cross-cut saw, chainsaw? May want to boil/scrape a second time if there's a lot. Attach antlers to form: 2. A … One very popular home decor item that we are going to get pretty handy with this month is antlers. The drilling is easy, but make sure you do it correctly for a good, clean hole. The roadside is littered with 'em. Then wrap some wet rags around the Antlers bases and seam area. on Introduction. If the antler base isn't sturdy enough, you can screw them together. I can be contacted via email: PrettyHandyGirl (at) You want it to be nice and smooth so when you pull the cloth over it it will be free of lumps and indentions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Again, cut off any excess material as needed. The finished project. If the bolts are too long, you can cut them with bolt cutters or a hacksaw. on Introduction. That said, make sure you follow all laws and regulations when it comes to selling antlers. I used a 18 tooth/inch hacksaw and cut right on through the brain. 3 years ago. Now, I can do it myself. Drill a hole through the parts of each antler you want to run wire through, and then secure the antlers together in your finished design. Keep working your way up until the base is disguised enough or the antler chandelier is large enough. A handsaw … This scull was found in South Dakota on one of my first boy scout trips. I don’t think those are in right now though…) You can also find antlers out running around in the woods too, but you just have to work for them. All the hunters that I know carry a portable cleaning kit in their car, because they know they will eventually hit one no matter how careful they are. It’s Jessica from Decor Adventures. Attach the bowl piece to one end of the threaded metal tube. Hold things with your hands for a few seconds while it sets so there will be no complex clamp arrangements to make. Also drill a hole through the luan board that is lined up with the hole in the antlers. with some decent looking screws. In this step you will need to drill three holes. I believe this is a style of the European mount. Most antlers you get will have some of the bone attached to the end of the antler. When you go hunting often you may be left with several deer that are not suitable for shoulder mounting, but you may not want to discard the antlers. A small oval around the base will help everything hold together. A Deer Antler is an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign.It is dropped by the antler-type No-Eyed Deer after charging at objects such as Trees.Trying to use a Deer Antler to unlock the Loot Stash will destroy the antler, drop a Bone Shard and cause Klaus to spawn. Scrape off the grisly bits with a sharp knife. To attach the antlers to the headband, twist the very bottom around the headband where you want them placed. Simply slide the bolt into the hole in the skull and glue it on. However, the contractor's adhesive "Liquid Nails" is the greatest. Obviously, you wouldn’t do this with a big trophy buck. Build it, Fix it and Do it yourself. I used a little container and a spray paint can for the circles and connected them to help get the nice rounded shape. Do this for each antler if they are separate. One set I painted white and the other gold. Next you need to cut out the shape. Necessary Tools to Mount Your Deer Antlers A drill, wire brushes, Borax, Clorox bleach, drill bits, glue gun and glue, scissors, drywall screws, a hammer, and a few other odds and ends. If you love rustic or outdoor style, this project is perfect for you. What is the best way to saw off the top of the skull? I have a set that I painted gold in my home office and another I’ll be hanging in our basement bathroom. You might be able to get some from a hunter friend or something like that if you aren't a hunter yourself. I found a huge frozen buck (8 point) floating in the lake this weekend. Also be sure to push the modeling clay down around the base of the antlers as shown in the picture so the cloth will fit snugly around them. Arkansas man builds Christmas 'tree' out of deer antler sheds: 'I don't plan on ever taking it down' Jeff Jester, of Arkansas, says he's now getting requests to build these 'trees' for others I used a belt sander to smooth out the edges. Drill a hole through the antler(s), where you will place the light socket. Use a 3/8" flat wood bit for drilling. ... the wood should be at least 1 1/4 inches thick to allow deeper penetration for the screws that will attach the antlers to the plaque. 12 years ago I wanted to let you know that a European mount however, is when the antlers are intact with the rest of the skull as well as lower jaw and all of the flesh is removed. If you have an entire antler rack, cut off one of the points before sawing your ring piece. When you have worked both sides of the fabric up the back of the mounting plate, cut a slit in the fabric at the top of "head" and wrap the cloth around the base of antlers. Do your homework beforehand. done. Take your bolts and screw them through the antler and into the board, securing them in the back with the nut. It may take a while to get the exact shape that you want, so be patient and work the clay until you like it. Using your drill, carefully drill into the bone of the antler and through the board. accessories, Crafts, Decor Adventures, Decorating, DIY, Do It Yourself, Home Decor, power tools, I was googling antler dinner carving sets and saw your site. Those who perform sport hunting often like to mount the antlers from deer, elk or even moose. Mike Powell said: ↑ Wet the area of the seam and around the antlers bases with a spray bottle. Antlers can become a towel holder, a jewelry hanger , a wine rack or an entryway rack. Favorite Answer. In order to get your deer antlers it would probably be good to shoot a male deer (a buck). Staple the fabric on the back of the mounting plate at the top as well, pulling the fabric taut around the antlers and over the top of the "head." The clay needs a day or two to harden before you continue so it keeps it shape. Collecting and using them for art does no harm to the deer. A homemade deer antler mount that looks good enough to hang up in your house.

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